Helen Fogarassy is the author of three published novels and a work of nonfiction.  Her shorter works, whether fiction, nonfiction, business or public relations materials, have been consistently published until the Information Superhighway sprang up and presented brand new opportunities and challenges for communication.

InFogarassy’s work centers on the international experience of the world as she has encountered it.  Her first novel Mix Bender was about a Hungarian refugee finding himself in a blessed world epitomized by the tropical splendor of the Caribbean.

Her novel entitled Light of a Destiny Dark was based on a memoir written by her mother who lived through the horrors of the Second World War and the even worse years of Communism in Hungary that followed.  The memoir was entitled Behind God’s Back.  The change in titles reflects the optimism nurtured by prosperity versus the hopelessness of living under repression.

The Midas Maze is Fogarassy’s novel about the vast global opportunities afforded by the United Nations for either the good of humankind and the world or for the self-serving of personal gain.  It is based on 20 years of experience with the United Nations on a contract basis that freed her of bureaucratic shackles, and that same experience is the basis for her nonfiction book,  Mission Improbable, which is a tribute to the noble effort of humans the world over to advance understanding between themselves within their historical contexts.



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