Hello and welcome to the world of internationalist writer Helen Fogarassy.  Born into the scarcity of post-war Communist Hungary, she lived for a while with her family in the wealth of Austria and was then raised in the common sense of the American midwest.

Educated in both science and arts, she has lived in New York City long enough to be a native.  Her 20-year association with the United Nations focused on international law, which included a stint in Somalia as a creative writer.  Her work was well received by internationals from all over the world and was particularly welcomed by the Somali journalists with whom she worked.

Fogarassy’s other work has brought her into the worlds of noted professionals in their own fields, including child psychiatrist Margaret Mahler, Industrial Designer Robert Gersin and real estate magnate cum US President Donald Trump.  Her fictional works include a novel based on her mother’s memoir about the horrors of the Second World War from the Hungarian perspective and the greater catastrophe that followed under Soviet Communism.

Fogarassy is now married to Bronx criminal defense attorney Robert Johnston, whose work she finds of interest and whose all-American views she finds naive.  Humor and honesty rule their roost.



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