Kamala’s Busing Scars

Quote:  Keeping score of old wounds and scars, getting even and one-upping, always makes you less than you are. (attrib. Malcolm Forbes)

“It is personal…hurtful.” (Kamala Harris, 1st Democratic debate, 6.27.19)

In the news:  After Immigrant Families Are Reunited, Scars of Separation Remain (Arian Campo-Flores and Melanie Graye West, WSJ 7.15.18)

In context:  Kamala Harris floored Joe Biden in the first round of the Democratic debate toward the next presidency and her super-star barb could not have hit deeper.  The question at this critical time is whether America can afford for Democrats to back a candidate who still has personal scores to settle in her public professional role.

The aim of the 2020 election is to free America from the amoral clutches of a con-man who has the awesome powers of his tation at his command.  In that position, Trump has hurled his personal peeves and tantrums on the country.  Neither American nor the world can stand the stress of so much unrelenting uncertainty about what comes next.  A black woman with issues about her past merely foreshadows the flip-side of white supremacist Donald Trump.

I myself am an immigrant woman , white and a hundred percent American.  The scars I carry from being a child refugee after the failed 1956 Hungarian revolution against Soviet domination still pop up in my daily life.  I mistrust Russia, I identify with the migrant kids currently at the southern US border and I interact just fine with UN colleagues during contract work and with Muslim Arabs in my neighborhood.  I have no bigger chip on my shoulder than anyone else because we have one quality in common.  We are  glad to be here in America.

Natural-born Americans, on the other hand, take the country, it’s blessing and its problems for granted.  That’s why America needs immigrants, to remind the ingrates that they have much to be thankful for, as in taking part in righting the country when it goes askew.

The geographically blessed US did just that with the Emancipation Proclamation and the resultant Civil War.  The United States inherited the slave trade from global  forebears and the country put an end to it.  Scars remain and the country has a with a special social burden to eradicate the remnants of the unfairness deeded to it.  But that burden is shared by both black and white Americans who must work together to resolve problems regardless of those who oppose the resolution of them.  In the global world of today, that cooperation extends who are neither black or white.  But what they share with those two groups is that they want to be Americans.  And America needs them in a time when global climate change makes every American a refugee from the family home at any minute.

History has created a global social and racial hierarchy which is now breaking down.  White supremacists emerge ever more strongly as Britain’s Princess Diana took up with an Arab and Prince Harry married an American of mixed racial ancestry.  By its history, America is well situated to take the lead in this global advancement through diversity.  It will be as soon as blacks let go of grudges, liberal whites give up their defensiveness and both unite to unseat the bullies terrorizing both them and the new immigrants who want to be Americans.







2020 Belongs to Biden

Definition: Gravitas, seriousness and importance of manner causing feelings of respect and trust in others (Oxford English Dictionary)

Quote: I gravitate towards gravitas (attrib. Morgan Freeman)

In the News: Biden keeps stepping into it and voters couldn’t care less (Marc Caputo, Politico, 6.26.19)

In Context:  Terrific Democratic candidates abound for the next election to unseat the fraudulent US president Donald Trump but only one has the magic bullet to shoot down then vampire sucking America’s democratic blood.  Joe Biden is the only one with the gravitas based on experience grounded in a consistent integrity able to absorb missteps to debunk the fraud Trump simply by standing next to him.

Side by side, the contrast between the two is obvious.  Trump spews vitriol, Biden stands steady.

Joe Biden is attacked for his age and the positions he’s taken during times that younger candidates in the recent Democratic debates can’t fathom.  They’ve grown up assuming rights won for them by the likes of Joe Biden.  In his best moments, he has the equanimity to resist the temptation to defend the actions he’s taken.  In today’s fast-paced world, the steps that got America to this place cannot be summed up in a tweet.  The results speak for themselves and Joe Biden conveys that with his impurvience to the pressure of needing to prove himself.

The formidable Kamala Harris would not have been on stage to vent her hurt over past experience had Biden not battled as best as possible the hardline racists bent on keeping blacks and whites completely segregated with blacks, of course, being second-rate citizens at best.  Biden knows first-hand what it takes to defeat those guys and he knows that today’s Trump is just that kind of enemy.

Worthy candidate Swalwell may feel it is time to pass the torch and Biden himself may be more than happy to pass it, but 2019 America under Trump cannot afford the transfer.  The torch of democracy is at stake.  The usurper of America’s presidential powers now has that torch in his solic grasp and he has stated his intention to keep it by whatever means necessary.  The torch must be wrested from him by one who can weather the storm of whatever outrages the current pretender unleashes.  Based on previous experience, between Trump and opponents, only Biden has the ability to stand stock still to stare down Trump until he implodes on his own venom.

In a one-on-one general debate, inexperienced candidates would no doubt get entangled in the voodoo semantics untruths that Trump garbles to a dizzying degree at the velocity of a hailstorm.  Biden may look astounded but he will not need to engage.  He’ll stand pat through the slings and arrows, then his own sense of his gravitas will convey his response wordlessly to Trump.

Plain and simple, bully bravado is loud and intended to inspire fear. The wisdom to tame the bully is quiet and inspires trust.  That wisdom comes from experience grounded in the integrity of knowing right from wrong and pushing for the right past socially accepted limits that time proves ridiculous.   Google can’t convey the flavor of those struggles to those who haven’t lived them.  At a transitional time  when democracy is to be wrested from a tyrant usurper of the US presidency’s powers, Biden has the battle scars of the social wars that got America to the point where diversity is the key to ensuring the country’s Constitutional gravitas.

In short, the great ideas presented during the first Democratic debate will never get off the ground as long as Trump is president.  As for defeating him in debate, there is no telling to what low blows a sitting president will resort to when he’s already proven he’s a cold-blooded power-monger with no sense of morality to tame his thirst for fame.

Therefore, youngster 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, put your excellent ideas on a back burner for a moment and listen to your better elders to defeat a really bad one.  You’ll have plenty of time to implement all your socilly imperative goals but let the experienced one with the gravitas of character get the country over this bump in the road.





Biden’s Gift of Age to 2019 America

Quotes:   I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to put on socks, I don’t have to (Albert Einstein, quoted by Alan Shenstone in Sayens, Einstein in America, 1985)

The only source of knowledge is experience (ibid. Ideas and Opinions, 1954)

In the news:  Younger 2020 candidates hint at age divide in hitting Biden (Will Weissert, Associated Press,  6.13.19)

In context:  America is a young country, it’s cultural roots planted on distant shores.  Thus the recent rage for ancestry searches that make Americans feel renewed by knowing where their families originated.  Thus, a young country with roots far-flung is a will-o-the-wisp susceptible to the scheister that was quite possibly elected by foreign actors not subject to America’s vigorous laws.  In a confusing global age full of perils, America needs a steady Joe Biden to right the ship of state while the country gathers its breath and averts a world war.

Millennials are America’s future and they seem headed in the right direction, a modern America whose social values are shared with like-minded allies and the aspirations of the most successful emerging nations.  Millennials, however, and many of those running for office now, were ready-born into a digital, high-tech world where human rights were presumed, even if on a rocky road to actualization.  They missed the struggles that went into attaining those rights.  They don’t have the time to deep search the facts behind the hard-won achievements.

Enter Joe Biden who was there, who attests to America’s institutional memory.  What counts is that he was on the right side and still is, regardless of the understandable charge that he is tone-deaf to modern sensibilities.  He learns, as in the case of “personal space” and abortion rights in light of the current environment.  His statements may seem flip-flops to youngsters but he’s just showing America where he’s been.  With that, he illuminates how far America has come.  Rapidly.

Joe Biden is the solid Plymouth Rock upon which America can regain its footing in a rapidly changing global world.  America needs a rest after the last two schizophrenic years where truth was false one day and reversed the next by its leader, the President exerting the full powers of his mighty station to enrich himself, his family and his cronies.  America needs an affable Joe Biden who can lead the young Millennials on the path to making America great again according to the values set down by America’s deepest roots, our forefathers.






Debunking the Trump Mystique

Quotes:  The genius of America is that it is good and if it ever ceases to be good it will cease to be great (paraphrase of Ronald Reagan 1983 “Evil Empire” speech re Russia quoting Tocqueville)

People are “cocooned in information) because of social media…hard to be obnoxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet. (Barack Obama, BBC interview with Prince Harry, 12.27.17, per Arjun Kharpal)

In the news:  Pentagon calls on allies for “damage control” after Trump NATO trip (John Bowden, Politico, 7.13.18)

Rattled or frustrated, Trump lashes out all over (Stephen Collinson, CNN, 8.23.18)

In context:  The allure of Donald Trump for a third of America is no mystery.  He represents the basest of the three elements that Sigmund Freud identified as components of the human psyche.

Donald Trump is the essence of the id, the most primitive part that humans share with animals.  The highest level is the superego, the part that has absorbed a culture’s most noble values and built on them to move society forward and upward.  Between the two is the ego that in well-balanced people mediates between the easy greedy id impulses and the greater social needs greater than individual concerns.  When the free flow of energy between the three levels is blocked, the most likely obstruction occurs between the ego and superego, simply because it is harder to be good than to be lazy.  In someone like Donald Trump, who seems to have an overflow of base or libidinal energy, the blockage leads to a bloated ego as the id forces explode like a choked pressure cooker.

All tyrants apparently have bloated egos and exploding ids.  They have invested their lives in mastering the art of satisfying themselves without thought to greater society while honing the wily craft of using all id means possible to achieve their ends.  It is, after all, easier to cow and coerce than it is to persuade.  The tyrants who succeed in a big way are not only ruthless but charismatic.  They have perfected the skill to bend the world to their will.  True dedication to self-worship is the hallmark of the tyrant, mostly because most people have some sense of social morality and because they are satisfied with less than a total chokehold on a country or even the world.

Only America could have bred a Donald Trump.  The land of opportunity gave him free rein to run amok indulging avarice, and when that country’s business indulgence ran dry under constant overreach amid failures, he turned out toward the world where laws were no impediment.  Those dark arrangements ultimately took Trump into the American presidency where he sprang for the golden ring by whole-hog unleashing the urges of his id.

The naked display of id forces at the presidential level rocked the country and the world.  A core base of Trump supporters in the young United States bear the characteristics of worshipping someone daring what they never would.  Others in the US fell into thrall of an unpalatable man’s success, believing they would sail on his coattails to some portion of his accomplishment.

Whether pro-Trump tyrant or anti-Trump traditional ally of American democracy, the more mature rest of the world looked upon the US Trump phenomenon with disbelief, the world allies aghast and the world despots with marvel at the unexpected bounty that had fallen into their corner.  Thus in an increasingly interconnected world of a complex brand new kind of large society, Sigmund Freud has been proven both right and universal.  The Trump mystique amounts to no more than a bloated ego blocking id energy from accessing higher cultural values.

The Trump mystique that has captivated a third of the American population is shrouded in the confusion of too much information in the internet age.  But when the fog is cleared and the bare bones of the mystique are unmaked, Donald Trump and his global tyrant counterparts are blowhard bullies who have wrested ultimate power for themselves by any means necessary.

Amic all the confusion about the Trump mystique, the words of Noble laureate Bob Dylan seem to hold true.  “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”  In other words, Trump has unleashed the id forces that have a third of the world population in their grip.  It is up to the other two-thirds to reinvigorate efforts to ensure that a healthy world ego mediates between the world id and superego.  Put in another way, Donald Trump has raised to the global level the age-old battle between good and evil.



















Tempest Trump Riled by Woman Hillary

Definition:  Tempest, a violent, windy storm (Dictionary.com)

Quotes:  Behind every successful man is a woman who helped him.  Behind every successful woman in an army of men and women who tried to stop her.  (1970’s graffiti)

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm (Winston Churchill? Abraham Lincoln? Anon? Quote Investigator.com)

In the News:  Clinton opens door to questioning legitimacy of 2016 election (Dan Merica, CNN, 9.18.17)

GOP Congressman defends Trump’s retweet of video depicting assault on Hillary Clinton (Aaron Rupar, ThinkProgress, 918.17)

Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea in first U.N. speech (Ali Vitali, NBC News, 9.19.17)

In Context:  Words are mightier than the sword and in the case of Donald Trump they just may be deadlier.  That’s because he managed to decimate a woman who could have continued America on a path of global progress and instead inflicted his destructive backward will-to-power by hitting the country’s vulnerabilities.

Like a hurricane riding the winds of climate change, Trump blew away 16 Republican rivals in the 2016 election with the crudest of verbal assaults based on bogus facts flying in the face of reality.  His full strength as a leveling force, however, was only unleashed when he met up with a woman who just could beat him.

Hillary Clinton was the presumed successor to the progressive Barack Obama, America’s first non-white president and the first non-white head of any western industrialized country.   Trump launched his political career by leading the offensive “birther” movement demanding that Obama produce a birth certificate and then pronouncing the document bogus when made public with a patronizing sigh.  Trump kicked off his campaign with an attack on Mexicans he called murderers and rapists.  It was the starting gun for his crusade to crush Hillary and the progressive steps Obama had set in motion and she was to continue.

By the time Trump and Hillary faced off in the 2016 presidential campaign, he was infamous for attacking women based on appearance or ethnicity.  Most targets were professionals, one was a beauty contest winner Trump humiliated for weight gain.  Outrage at his scornful treatment of women was mild relative to the level of insult, but with Hillary he was downright brutal and the reaction was stunningly numb.

One reason why Trump’s assault on Hillary was met with such a tepid outcry was the sheer number of stunning blows Trump dealt to America during the campaign.   Like fugitives caught in the path of an actual tempest such as a hurricane, the majority of Americans were disoriented by the chaos Trump created with lies, insults, calls for fisticuffs and just plain noise hogging and sapping media resources in coverage.  The conduct was unthinkable in 2016 America but Trump made “bad behavior” his trademark and the base ate it up.  It went wild when it came to Hillary.

The white middle class workers who made up the bulk of the Trump base had a visceral distaste for a woman in the White House, especially one whose husband had already been there and who had already been tainted by politics-as-usual.  From that starting ground, Trump tailored his usual attack on women to target Hillary.

There was obviously no point in attacking Hillary on looks.  She wouldn’t have cared any more than most Americans did.  She was a working woman in her trademark pants suits and the various hairstyles she adopted after giving up hairbands in her first White House tenure following press chiding that the look was not elegant enough for a First-Lady.  Clearly Hillary did not aspire to be the “beautiful” woman who “drew” Trump “like a magnet” and who compelled him to pop tic-tacs had an irresistible urge gripped him to molest simply because as a star they would “let him.”  Like most women, Hillary knew that Trump manhandled women not because they “let him” but because for numerous reasons they simply couldn’t “not let him.”

The tested confidence based on experience that led Hillary to bid for presidency of the country made clear to Trump that he could never grope her even if she adopted the trappings he read as come-ons.  Hillary was brand new territory for Trump used to women being peripheral in his narrow male dominated world of business, real estate and golf buddies.  Women in Trump’s circle were largely wives, amusements or ornamental enhancements.  There were exceptions but Hillary was unique.

Hillary was clearly head-and-shoulders above Trump in qualifications for the job at hand.  That became all the clearer as he pummelled her and she did not go down.  Every round, whether in debate, convention or  press, seemed to re-ignite Trump’s well-known lust for a fight until he delivered the ultimate blow by branding Hillary “Crooked,” led a cheer to “lock her up,” and sparked a coup that did her in.

“Crooked” and “Lock her up” were catnip to the Trump base and to the mostly male Republicans catering to that portion of their voter constituency.   The terms were a political mask for the deep-seated, and now long-debunked view that women were inferior to men, akin to the white supremacist view that white males were superior to all other humans.  Women in Trump’s male-dominated world were either beautiful as in Emerson’s terms of “beauty is its own excuse for being,” or they were utilitarian vehicles for bearing offspring and managing the domestic arena.

In Trump’s case, it appears that women had to be both beautiful and utilitarian.  Trump was no big shakes in the looks department but his three wives were.  Those women also bore him five children with no loss of looks and apparently no gripes about Trump’s hands-off role in raising children, as in his boast that he’d never changed a diaper because that wasn’t his “thing.”  He took charge of his children when they were adults, fit in his mind to carry on the Trump name and legacy.  The success of that approach to childrearing is very publicly evident in Trump’s case.

To the disenfranchised white middle class workers who made up the majority of the Trump base, Trump just may have appealed as the hero of long lost dreams as they dealt with reality.  They labored now and had wives at home who expected help with the kids, but they whistled at unattainable beauties passing by. as they worked.  To the college educated white women who voted for Trump instead of Hillary, he just may have been the avenger of their own long-lost dreams.of success as they juggled the many roles of a super-Mom and negotiated with spouses for joint responsibility.  If so, they quickly recognized the con and channeled anger into productive action.

Hillary was the super-Mom who came along once in a lifetime.  She had raised her own daughter and had risen to a singular professional level.   She had remained loyal to her life-partner through publicly trying times and she had only grown better with age, becoming ever stronger, more poised. forceful and at ease.  To some, those qualities in Hillary made her untrustworthy and a political schemer but there may have been an unconscious force affecting that perception.  Perhaps Hillary was the woman they would never be and the term “Crooked” was a hook for the sense that Hillary could only have achieved all she did by cheating.

Hillary has been scanned down to the bone and no evidence of cheating has been uncovered as yet.  It seems she was simply a very capable woman who had met the challenges that opportunity offered.  In that way, regardless of the election outcome, she paved the way for women the world over to know that they could successfully multi-task their various demanding roles.  Trump, on the other hand, was a throwback to the “pale male” period of monopoly on power, a misfit who made his mark by giving voice to his rage at the modern global reality that women and minorities were encroaching on his exclusive domain.

Hillary conceded to Trump on a technicality and possibly with the help of other white macho men, but she came away with one big victory.  She had let herself be political chum for Pirana Trump and in that way brought out the ugliness in him and the stale way of thinking that won him support from both the base and the conservative Republicans willing to enable Trump and his chaos in order to forestall the inevitable reality that the time had come to relinquish exclusive white male privilege and the stranglehold on power that went with it.

Body language and the demeanor it conveyed told the Trump story all along during his dealings with Hillary.  He strutted loomed, bellowed and lied shamelessly.  She stood steady under his tirades.  She gave him a run for his money in the age-old war of the sexes and in that way brought out the infantile Trump need to show the world just who “the Donald” was.  Hillary the woman brought out the “terrible twos” behavior in Trump.  Pummeling her to utter shameful defeat was his Holy Grail, like the two-year old who throws a public tantrum to show the power of his turbulence over a rational mother regaining control under the judgmental eyes of by-passers who stop to gape.

Hillary was big game to Trump and beating her was a mighty trophy on his wall.  It was the ultimate validation of his self-belief.  It also won the loyalty of the base and that of the Republicans looking to Trump for salvation from their own doomed futures as exclusively privileged white males.

If the 2016 election was rigged, Mother Nature was the one most responsible.  She trusted America to show the world how unworkable were the old methods of dealing with an interdependent world.  In that vein, she debunked definitively the myth that women were more emotional than men and too emotional for serious affairs of the world beyond the home.








Trump/Russia; Hungarian/American Eyes

Quotes:  Judged by every standard,,.the Soviet Government of Russia is one of the worst tyrannies…It accords no political rights.  It rules by terror.  It punishes political opinions.  It suppresses free speech.  It tolerates no newspapers but its own…It is engaged at this moment in trampling down the peoples of Georgia and executing their leaders by the hundreds.  (Winston Churchill, Missouri, Iron Curtain Speech, 1946)

Nothing has changed in Russian policy.  Her methods, her tactics, her maneuvers may change but the polestar of world domination is immutable (Karl Marx, London speech, 1887)

So long as man remains free he strives for  nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find someone to worship (Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov, 1880)

In the news:  Poll fraud in Hungary/Communists’ swoop (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9.02.47)

1956: Soviet troops overrun Hungary (BBC, on this day, 11.04.56)

Berlin Wall Tumbles. “Beginning of the End” for Communism (London Herald, 9.11.89) 

Gorbachev, Last Soviet Leader, resigns; US recognizes Republics’ Independence (New York Times, 12.25.91)

The Perils of Trump’s meeting with Putin  (LA Times, 7.05.17)

Vladimir Putin talks ruling the world, future wars and life on Mars (Newsweek, 9.01.17)

In context:  Only about ten years ago with 20 years of United Nations experience under my belt did it occur to this Hungarian-American to ask her mother a question that had always puzzled me.  How was Russia able to dominate half of Europe after the Second World War?  “They installed national leaders and moved in with heavy artillery to put down opposition.”

Fifty-odd years passed before this seven-year-old child processed the experience of losing the world as she knew it overnight when parents whisked her and her brother out of harm’s way during the dead of a 1956 winter after the Hungarian revolution against Soviet domination collapsed.  Losing the known world in the impressionable early years leaves scars.  New languages are learned, adaptation to a better life is certainly an up-side, but early memories haunt and are passed down through generations.

That legacy of receiving needy new peoples with open arms and easing their adjustment to new conditions so as to contribute to society is at the very heart of America.  It has been the hallmark of the geographically blessed United States ever since native Americans relieved sea-weary voyagers from the Mayflower that turned out to be a Trojan horse.  Openness is a big part of the US genetic make-up, which has been ever since then the gold standard for national benevolence regardless of misfires.  By now, that reputation for good-will is on par with the equally prized gold-standard of the American currency.  It is a unique marriage of spirit and cash that has readied the country for an info-based global world complete with misinformation, the hazards of naive short-sightedness and outside interference.

The recent crackdown on immigration under President Trump has stirred deep-seated memories in this long-time United States citizen.  They are dark forgotten images of a pre-seven year old child huddling with her brother during midnight AVO police raids where parents scrambled to hide photos and letters from relatives out in the west, of a parent being hauled out for interrogation in the dead of night, of whispered scared-child exchanges at school the next day about fathers or mothers who disappeared and about how children could help the family cope.

That was Hungary in the early 1950’s under the Soviet-backed Hungarian Communist party. and all memories of that young child are not bad.  Waiting in bread lines on the way to school with a guardian was rather fun and chicken from the black market once a month turned the usual meal of sugar-sprinkled bread into a downright feast.  Even the 40-km trek across no-man’s land between Hungary and Austria in December 1956 was an adventure to a child totally secure with parents nearby after they were mere ghosts while they played out parts in the five- and ten-year Soviet plans for making Hungary profitable for them, the only source of security in a rigidly controlled and isolated world suffering scarcity in a post-war Europe in shambles.

That Iron-Curtain world was cut off from the global mainland through propaganda, parade-level theatrics and restrictions on information flow.  It took dogged, zealous effort on the part of those both behind and beyond the Curtain to dodge those restrictions..  Letters in both directions were written in code to shield identities and anticipate censorship.  Incoming packages from the West were torn open and no one questioned the obviously missing content.  More formal information inflow was downright deadly to access.  If caught, listeners to The Voice of America, for example, were imprisoned or “disappeared.”  Scarce short-wave radios served as foundations for basement community centers where neighbors huddled for news and encouragement  despite uneasy fears that the desperate and/or greedy among them would “inform” to authorities.

The Soviet domination of Eastern Europe between 1946 and the 1989 fall of the Iron Curtain now seems unreal in easy-going blessed America, but it is still very real to Europeans sliced in half during that period.  It is very real to former Soviet Republics like Georgia still experiencing first-hand the iron-fisted grip of Russia beyond even its Soviet period.  It is apparent in the present global world with its shifting geopolitics encompassing all basic human social elements from economics to ideologies, from gender matters to traditions, and most acutely, historical hierarchy and racial dominance..

Two world leaders now represent the old order standing staunch against a radical shift in the values of a global reality.  Vladimir Putin of Russia and Donald Trump of the United States are both macho white men, the former playing geoglobal 3D chess with the world’s other near-200 countries and the latter a lightweight entertainer playing at being president.  They seem linked by a symbiotic affinity.  Donald Trump does not seem to care about leading his country.  His interests seem to lie in making money and magnifying a reputation as a business deal-maker wizard.  Vladimir Putin provides the ideal environment for Donald Trump.  Russia’s lax legal infrastructure maintained that way by Putin allows oligarchs to flourish and provide  opportunities for Trump.  That structure seems to work well for Putin playing chess with global geopolitics while Trump distracts the pesky American free press informing national and international publics and their law-makers.

This Hungarian-American has become a global citizen thanks to warm memories of Kraft American Cheese that the Red Cross delivered by five-pound cartons to Hungarian refugees in Austria.  She has a lifelong soft spot for refugees the world over regardless of whatever intolerable cause got them running and abandoning the only life and culture ever known.  America, the land of opportunity, is safe harbor to those suffering from the political oppression or extreme poverty afflicting much of the world today due to geographical and cultural history.

The US Constitution and the infrastructure based on it makes the country a stable landing field for the world’s dispossessed.  A history of serving as such a base has created a country where new arrivals are not just received but integrated.  They become part of their communities rather than becoming ethnic enclaves as they do in more established cultures.  The process is certainly fraught with complications but it is grounded in a legal foundation that makes the country hospitable to the ambitious wanting to take advantage of opportunities in accordance with law.  That is the way forward, according to data on millennials and the silicon valley projections toward the future.  Those seeking gain through good old-fashioned strong-arm techniques are better off in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  There, a judiciary entrenched in central politics makes the country an incubator for opportunists without impunity.

The US is far from free of crooks but they are held accountable by law and by cultural genetics.  The land of opportunity allows for the daring of outlaw tactics, but it also provides sheriffs to maintain order and a judicial system to oversee the sheriffs.  In Putin’s Russia, big-time crooks run free and carry a lot of clout.  In the US, Trump supporters who would indeed back the president if he shot someone in plain sight may indeed be better off in Russia.

Like most immigrants, this one loves and appreciates the new home she found as a child with a depth of ardor singular to immigrants .  And with that love based on personal experience, this American immigrant feels a protective dread that good-hearted America is naive in a global world.

To date, America has been spared the annihilation of world war but Europe along with Japan has learned first-hand the lesson of two world wars.  Russia, too, has learned its lessons from historical vampirism, brutally clearing out the traditional tsars to make way for the Soviet Marx/Engels experiment until it failed dramatically.  Then it shifted 180 degrees, allowing the rise of oligarchs to infiltrate and bleed dry vulnerable targets in a drive to dominate and subjugate the world.

Russia empowers underworld oligarchs because its legislative framework allows for collusion between governmental entities and wheeler-dealers bringing in money and laundering it when necessary to comply with international standards.  America’s legislative infrastructure based on the Constitution prohibits malfeasance and provides penalties for infractions.  The United States is a rule-of-law country.  The rule of law may not always be followed but its intent is in the right direction of providing the maximum play between freedom and social security.  Mafia cartels in the United States are brought down by legislative and judicial actions.  In Russia, they thrive and are partners with the government.

The third part of government dealing with rule of law is the executive., the person in charge and those carrying out executive decisions.  In Russia, that person is Vladimir Putin, in power now for 17 years and still running strong with brutal actions against opponents.  In the United States, the executive head of the country is Donald J. Trump, a business huckster seemingly hand-in-glove with Russia’s Putin.

The near-200 countries of the world have their own personalities just like individual people and they have their own codes of conduct.  Some countries are liberal, some are restrictive in favor of preserving social order.  But another character of global countries today is that also found in individuals.  Some are benevolent, nurturing. and constructive.  Others are misanthropic, belligerent, predatory,  greedy and destructive.

Russia may have given up on Communism because it didn’t work and it still may be fanning leftover pockets for its own benefit, but the real pay-off in today’s global world is in getting the free-for-all Russian Oligarchs to huddle with freewheeling biz-whizzes like Trump.  It’s a global mafia underworld in a 3- chess game where all players have divergent rules for dealing with transgressors.

The United States forgives and forgets.  Russia imprisons, poisons or otherwise quiets the opponents of its supreme power-loving ruler.  China stifles and Arabic countries dismember according to Shariah law.  In the absence of American world leadership at present, Europe is the force holding the world steady.  It is the parental forebear of America, the child of Europe made even more robust than the parent by its receptivity to new blood.







The People vs. Ultra-White Trump

Quotes:  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Lord Actor, 1887); It is better to be feared than loved (Machiavelli, 1532); Let them eat cake (misattrib. Marie Antoinette, c.1782); The rich are different from me and you (F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1926);  I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one (Michael Bloomberg, 2016).

In the news:  Admit It:: Trump is Unfit to serve (Washington Post, 2.15.17); The Alt-Right Gives a Press Conference (New York, 9.11.16); Trump Family’s elaborate lifestyle a logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense (Washington Post, 2.10.17);  Trump buses entire Senate to White House because he can (Crooks & Liars, 4.27.17); The UN is Giving up on Trump (Politico, 6.27.17); “My Country First” Threatens global goals with US, China, Russia Lagging (T. Reuters Fndn, 7.06.17); Trump leaves leaders fearing the future as G-20 summit closes (Washington Post, 7.08.17); KKK rally in Charlottesville outnumbered by protesters (CNN 7.08.17); How Putin helped Trump defeat his Republican primary rivals (Newsweek, 7.19.17).

In perspective:  On a technicality in 2016, America leapt off the cliff and handed its mightiest powers to known business huckster Donald Trump.  His election may have been the starting gun for proof that the white-male stranglehold on global power just may be over because Trump in the Oval Office has triggered the worst excesses that runaway white testosterone has inflicted on the world for millennia.  The contrast with his immediate predecessor Obama is both glaring and definitive.

Donald Trump emerged as an American cultural figure in a splash of news coverage over the years by making himself a media magnet, compelling attention through an assault on the expected much as a traffic accident draws a crowd.  He made his mark in the cut-throat world of high-end New York real estate by leveraging interests, dodging laws and selling schemes so successfully that local banks stopped lending him money never repaid on failed ventures.  The self-promoting deal-wizard then found financing among more fluid overseas opportunities and diversified into glitzy fields ranging from beauty contests to product branding, TV, entertainment and the get-rich-quick version of education with the unaccredited Trump University.

Class-action lawsuits against the bogus and defunct U were in the works when Trump won the 2016 election and he quickly agreed to a $25 million settlement with the public boast that he did so only for the good of the country so it would not be distracted as he governed.  An avalanche of less time-sensational lawsuits and probes fell by the wayside like road-kill, including the questionable status of his Trump Foundation and possible Trump ties to far-flung Russian money-laundering schemes.  Six months into the Trump tenure, the Federal Prosecutor in the latter two cases had long been fired, the Trump U settlement money was still outstanding and the FBI Director investigating a Russian role in the election itself had also been fired.  Those developments, which amounted to blocking ongoing actions, were mere details in the tornado of Trump blasting through limits on his unparalleled new powers and opportunities.

Trump won the conservative Republican party’s nomination for president by bush-whacking 17 rivals with an aggressive savagery that left them numbed as if struck by cobra venom.  He then flayed his female Democratic opponent with the same tactics ramped up to the target.  He loomed, lurked, threatened, accused and shamed her through her spouse, freely resorting to such dirty tricks as resurrecting the man’s past indiscretions while burying his own blistering disgraces with media distractions.  Overall, his crude behavior was treated as a trademark splurge of theatricality in a bogus bid for president but a handful of followers gave his campaign traction.

Whether or not the first Trump supporters were paid actors as rumored, the core base snow-balled throughout the campaign as Trump gave loud voice to primitive raw sentiments seething over eight years, ever since America made history by electing the western industrialized world’s first non-white Head of State.  That was in response to a global economic crisis brought on by eight years of Republican policies that no longer worked in a global world.

The backlash to the historic 2008 election of Barack Obama was instantaneous and fierce.  It grew rabid as Obama succeeded despite best Congressional efforts to thwart him.  From Tea Party to the outrageous Trump-led birther movement to the Alt-Right, white conservative fervor exploded once Trump hit his mark and found the sweetspot with the angry, frustrated and disenfranchised rust-belt middle class left behind by a rapidly changing world in which Washington and coastal elites had abandoned them.

Trump opponent Hillary Clinton characterized the base as a basket of deplorables, a term that actually referred not to the people but to the traits that Trump was able to rouse in them.  Clinton was pilloried for the comment but the base wore the title with renegade pride as Trump plied the bitter underemployed group that was easy prey for his well-honed skills in leveraging interests, reading people and selling schemes to win the trust needed for getting people to hand over their money or, in 2016, their vote.

The trademark Trump skill-set is known as manipulation when used for self-interest and numerous other names when exercised for deceit.  Whatever his motivation, Trump pumped the base by inflaming deplorable traits to build symbiotic affinity over perceived injustices and a drive to exact harsh pay-back by any means necessary, branding the baseball cap and milking its discord with tailored suits to build team spirit until he was a virtual Pied Piper in a leveraging move to ensnare Republicans.

Like others apart from the base, Republicans started out by quite rightly castigating Trump for ugly below-the-belt behaviors like attacking family members of rivals.  But when Trump became the official Republican nominee for president, he proved out the faulty truism that the end justifies the means and that however ugly his means, Trump did achieve his ends.  Criticism softened as Trump stoked deplorable traits and swept up even a a sizable portion of the mainstream with a message of change, polls indicating that many saw Trump’s crudeness as refreshing and courageous, as blunt and honest in an uncaring world of politics-as-usual.  When Trump actually won the election with or without outside help, Republicans came out in full-throated support of what had become a redeemer for the near-lost hope of restoring a status quo that Obama had disrupted and Hillary Clinton had threatened.

That status quo, of course, was the premise reinforced over two-plus millennia that  whites had a birthright to the lion’s share of the world’s wealth and that white men had the right to manage it.  When Trump trampled Hillary Clinton who would have cemented the crack Obama had made in that time-tested system, Republicans became full-fledged Trump enablers, tolerating and justifying an avalanche of assaults on American values, laws and norms because he was a bull in a china shop with the law and that was precisely why the base had rewarded him with its vote.

Trump was and is a renegade hero to the truly rabid base and the mainstream part that would indeed back him even if he shot someone in plain sight as he boasted.  Perhaps those rebels get a vicarious thrill from “their man” doing just what they would given the opportunity.  Maybe boredom in dead-end jobs that provide much-valued security makes the Trump reality show drama a heady outlet.  But whatever the Trump attraction, that kind of thinking calls for an epic disconnect in common sense in voting for a leader who would never be a role model for kids, as if leading a country had no relation to decency and was above and beyond morality.  Were that the case, Italian/American Mafia boss John Gotti would have died in the White House and not in prison to show a level of logical disconnect suggestive of fairy dust with only the very personal issue of healthcare breaking through the haze and forcing Congressional Republicans to straddle a very uncomfortable fence.

Obamacare to the Republicans has never been about reform but on outright repeal, as if to erase Obama and roll back the progress made under him on behalf of America’s mainstream, from protecting the environment to curbing corporate greed.  The debate over healthcare turns a searchlight on that agenda of obliterating non-white Obama’s presidency.  It brings to light deep social inequities in American society with the implied corollary that Trump has failed to state in so many words despite his base-admired bluntness, that none in league with Trump have a horse in the race to better the lives of ordinary Americans who may become competition like Obama was.

Cutting Medicaid in favor of tax cuts for the rich is a nakedly miserly move associated with the privileged rich white elite that is a throwback to the bad old days before Obama.  It is also  a direct contrast to the modern American wealthy of both genders and all races who come into money based on talents and then generously share earned blessings with those they can help. Trump in the Oval Office embodies the rich white male miser who fits only into the extinct category of marauding conquistador destroying cultures and building empires merely by projecting a ruthless, unstoppable power to overcome because he is unfettered by morals and backed by an army that established powers commissioned to support a venture successfully pitched to them.

Securing the White House keys seems to have unleashed the Trump drive to fulfill his full potential for capitalizing on his trademark skill-set to maximize profit for as long as the opportunity lasts.  That is evident in his presumptive air of having  taxpayers foot the bill for his obscenely lavish Oval Office lifestyle despite his boasts that he is so wealthy he is beholden to no donors as other politicians are.  In the Oval Office, Trump is an extinct white-male relic seated by alienated whites and kept there by white Republican enablers fighting tooth and nail to retain privilege.

The level of Congressional Republican Trump enabling attests to the magnitude of the task in overturning two-millennia-plus of exclusive white power.  The enabling is largely passive, letting Trump take his full measure of liberties in lining his pockets and trampling the Constitution as he romps through his presidency like he did as host of The Apprentice reality show where he fired people with relish to skirt the truth exposed in the White House limelight that he is a real-life coward whose bodyguard or son-in-law has to do the firing for him.  Republican enablers clinging to white-male-primacy at all costs are shameless in applauding Trump as he plays at being president, brandishing pen and waiting for servants to deliver a health care bill he can sign in a gala Rose Garden event where he also photo-ops himself as Commander-in-Chief of America’s mighty armed forces and character-assassinates those deemed disloyal regardless of the fact that one-way loyalty is despotism, not trust.  In fact, Republicans enable the utmost outrages from Trump because they themselves are lost white men on the verge of extinction in a global world and Trump has the back of the white American heartland that has no interest in a world bigger than already familiar.

That base is an important part of American society but it is not the entirety and it would not hurt that part to stretch a bit and connect with the American mainstream, the coastal elites and the global world beyond the American shores.  They may then see that Trump may seem a refreshing outspoken hero in a politically jaded America, but in reality he is a small-town playground bully in a global big-city gang ‘hood where leaders have graduated to legitimate venues.  A broader vista may clear Trump fairy dust from eyes to show him obviously uncomfortable with peer world leaders, eager to rumble with small-time despots like Jung-Un of North Korea and definitely enthralled with Russia’s prominent despot, possibly because the business guru is indebted to Russia or because Trump the would-be leader emulates Putin and envies his ability to make opposition “disappear” because there is no nosy free press to ferret out facts.

A certain portion of the base will undoubtedly cling to Trump and the right-wing media backing his view of reality, but others will be unable to keep denying that Trump in the Oval Office is banging symbolic horns against the paddock fence of America’s checks and balances, that he is a 16th century Machiavelli updated to the age of the electronic superhighway who has taken even conservative Republicans further back than they intended in merely taking the Trump opportunity to erase Obama.  They will see that Trump tweets have created a superhighway speed demon weaving so recklessly through traffic that other drivers pull over to calm and process what happened.  In essence, Trump is an American adrenalin rush that has the whole world reeling, baffled by how Americans can be taken in by an obvious defrauding liar who touts a “Made in America” theme while having his goods made overseas and who cracks down on illegal alien workers while he hires them on his Florida golf courses.  And many of the logical and less rabid Trump base must start to question why neither the right-wing nor establishment media asks Trump the blunt question of where he intends to get his cheap labor once he deports all those he now exploits.

America, the land of opportunity, has again made history with its courage in breaking ground across the pendulum swing of one-step forward and two steps back toward an equitable global world still dominated by white men clinging to exclusive power.  As the epitome of that obsolete white male power structure complete with white women hangers-on, Trump has brought a farce into the White House where conservative white enablers endure trivial lies about popularity while authoritarian China makes trade deals with the European Union for jobs that Trump claimed he would bring back to America while also threatening China with trade sanctions if China did not do his bidding on North Korea.  Likewise, trusty ally Japan hedges its bets about Trump-led America by finding new partners in the Trans-Pacific Partnership from which Trump withdrew America.  Those are just two examples of the world moving on while Trump acolytes play a brutal version of Survivor in the White House.

The difference between the Trump White House and America under Obama is best summed up by personal experience.  In the early Trump days when the Fifth Avenue Trump Tower was newly opened, the glitzy Trump offices were mirror-lined to afford leader Trump with a view of all his domain.  The hallmark of that workplace was dry mouth and bad breath, a sign of indigestion as staff and associates walked in to work each day prepared for a pink slip on the desk with no clue about why or who was involved in the firing.

By contrast near the same time, the United Nations was a healthy mayhem of bonding as people of all cultures the world over performed the same jobs with varying skill levels.  Tensions, pressures and rivalries abounded galore, as did intrigues and back-stabbing.  But the solution to handling hostilities was by forming alliances, the direct opposite of the Trump method of alienating, isolating and befogging support staff and keeping them on their toes by selling himself as the grand wizard of the great white male WIN by outfoxing the establishment white-shoe BIG-SHOTS.

Donald Trump is the mythical American lonesome cowboy who has captured the imagination and loyalty of the lost American rust belt cut off from the larger world.  That accomplishment is to his credit, but a history of huckstering, leveraging interests, skirting laws and selling losing schemes suggests that Trump is a menace in the Oval Office since, as the saying goes, a silk purse can’t be made from a sow’s ear.  Legal cautions must be exercised, of course.  Investigations into Trump activities must not force Americans to stoop to fraudster Trump levels   But since Trump is obviously a formidable person with no scruples or respect for either persons or the law, those pursuing the American staple of honest integrity in a global world may take a cue from the words of Nobel laureate Bob Dylan.  You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Two millennia-plus of a white male monopoly on global power will not be unseated overnight and with the rules presently prevailing, white men will need to bolster the inroads of non-white males like Barack Obama, the non-male whites like Hillary Clinton and the outspoken non-white establishment negotiators like Cory Booker and Maxine Waters. Those heroic maverick white men seem scarce in a Trump-dominated America, but they do exist in the likes of integrity-rich John McCain and stellar Bob Mueller.  They are the powerful white men capable of sharing the future, both that of America and the world, instead of ruthlessly, pathetically and hopelessly hogging it.
































































































































































s a historically-based fact today and far from all white men exploiting or advancing it, plenty of rich white men like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates devote their fortified resources to advancing the standing of all humanity.  Trump and the Republicans controlling Congress at present are not of that category.  They are the rich who are jealous of their wealth and privilege, who don’t want poor people to advance to become possible future competitors.  They are the ones who quietly endorse the Republican plan to cut medical assistance to the poor who don’t matter i their world.  They are the status quo establishment members of the white old-boy’s network accepting Trump as useful tool they would not welcome as a member of their circle.

Trump, the high-powered media hungry bully, may have captured the American presidency in 2017 America on a technicality but he does not play well on the global stage.  He is a small town schoolyard bully transported to a big-city world of gang warfare.  He falls for the taunts of lesser thugs and grovels to those more practiced while totally uneasy with the true global leaders stumped at how the beacon of democracy could have elected him as its leader.  The answer to that large question lies in the same principle that operates in a small schoolyard.

Trump is a social misfit clever enough to have won the support of followers satisfied with vicarious strength through him in a world where they can never hope to gain anything better.  He vindicates all those grown-up adolescents who never got to the prom and those schoolhouse bad boys pulling pigtails for attention.   In an adult global world, he is a dinosaur and caricature of the white male privilege destined for  extinction in a global world.

The legitimacy of Trump as America’s president is unquestioned in the mainstream media however Trump bashes any investigation into foreign meddling in the election.  Aside from that questionable legitimacy in some minds, Trump’s execution of his mighty powers raises serious questions about his readiness to assume his position.  He plays at being President,  signing executive orders with a flourish and hosting Heads of State in the Rose Garden while ignoring the mainstream media he beckons at his pleasure.  He presumes that taxpayers will fund his extravagant lifestyle and seems blithe in his role, as if failure was merely another bankruptcy in his march to greatness in history, whether with a war while he’s in office or as the global magnate ever should he be forced out before accomplishing the wartime historic high.  And even if investigations into Constitutional violations should result in a truncated Trump presidency, the goals of both Trump the businessman and the conservative Republicans would have been advanced.

Trump the business mogul who seems a Bernie Madoff on steroids, is occupying the Oval Office for a dual purpose, first to enrich himself at maximum capability and second to reap the rewards of adulation and explosive splash.  Should he leave the country in a shambles as happened with his casinos, he would have helped his Republican enablers save the white male power status quo and keep all others in their place.

Luckily for progressives, the rest of the world is on their side and geopolitics bears that out.  Europe has learned from two millennia of strife over global power including through periods of colonizations still resonating in global tensions while  Russia has learned the opposite lesson and has aligned with Trump as its easy mark in a game of one-upmanship for winning a p-ss fight between two bullies.  China meanwhile, advances its own progress by peacefully aligning over basic economics with Europe, Asia and Africa while its people agitate for social progress via global contact through the internet even as the Arabic countries strive to stifle freedom and progress, thus giving rise to a terrorist movement directed against the outside Westerners just as antiquated as they are.

Any snapshot from the Trump presidential album demonstrates just how antiquated is the uber-white male mode of governing.  His cabinet photos could just as well be a portrait of the pilgrim fathers and his portraits with the First Lady are recreations of the stiff farming couple in Grant’s American Gothic.  It’s all male testosterone in a global world where half the population is female and where the majority is non-white and where the majority is comfortable with change.

First hand experience with the Trump Organization in the mid-1980’s portended the chaos that the Trump style of rule would inflict on the country and the world.  The mirrored thirty-eighth floor of the Trump Tower afforded the boss in his central office an opportunity to surveil all those under him.   The hallmark of that lavish new place needing constant repair due to shoddy construction and economical supply requisition was bad breath and dry mouth among staff.  No one knew on which day they would walk in to work and find a pink slip on their desk without notice.

Contrast that scenario with a snapshot of the United Nations press office

disconnect between Trump the leader and their presumably civilized values.

Two-fifths of America were thus duped by Trump’s well-honed hustling skills but that support has dwindled to one-third under all the ugliness and broken promises within six months.  Three-fifths of America were never taken in by Trump’s crude power ploys, and neither was the rest of the world, including their leaders.  Therein lies the clue to America regaining its position as leader of the free world in a modern global age.

The army of those immune to Trump’s trumpet-calls for misogyny, racism, xenophobia and just plain overall fear is swelling as the base becomes disillusioned with the real threat that they may lose the basic right of staying alive.  The  vestigial traits that Trump rouses in his base are coming to light and stripped of their power as reality sets in.  The loss of affordable health care, however imperfect in light of the fierce opposition that white conservative Republicans put up against non-white Obama’s pro-people initiative, is on the verge of being wrested from those who need it due to the conservative determination to stamp out all things Obama and the progress made as if neither had ever existed.  The global world, however, is on the side of progress against despots and it will rescue America from the malady of  Uber-white Trump fever.

America is safe and on an even keel with its Constitutional system of checks and balances.  Trump may rape the country as Republicans enable him to do so in their commitment to maintaining the white-male dominated global status quo.  That complex may be buttressed by the Trump core base who have conservative votes as their bargaining chip.  But the rainbow of the world’s little people who are now the economic and social majority will unseat the human dinosaurs and will amend the Constitution to prevent abuses by future con-men.